Our Spring Single Origins

The weather is warming up, and we have some delicious new single origins from around the globe!

COLOMBIA | Victor Herrera – Tabi Washed | Vanilla, floral, red apple

This amazing coffee comes to us from a farm located in Oporapa, Huila. From soil of volcanic ash, this coffee is de-pulped four hours after being harvested , exposed to a long, dry anaerobic fermentation lasting 30 hours and sun-dried on concrete patios to ideal moisture content. The word ‘Tabi’ means “good” in the Guambiano dialect, but we think this coffee far surpasses its namesake!


EL SALVADOR | Karla Quiroz, Finca La Suiza Washed | Panela, stewed fruit, red current


Great climate, excellent soil , knowledge and passion are the recipe for this fine coffee produced by Karla Quiroz. The beans are harvested with extreme care. Only ripe cherries are allowed and are processed under strict quality controls beginning with de-pulping within a few hours from harvest. With aromas of panela and flavours of strewed fruit, orange and red currant, this creamy coffee is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


ETHIOPIA | Guji Masina ‘Red’ Natural | Rasberry, peach, sstrawberry

Spring has arrived early with this fruit bomb coffee! Grown in a small farmers’ backyard in the Masina village in Guji, this naturally processed coffee boasts deliciously ‘red’ berry flavours. Grown at 1950 – 2300 MASL, lots are manually sorted and then dried on raised African beds. Making a black coffee lovers dreams…



Our Bright Roast:

COLOMBIA | Huila Luz Mila Red Bourbon Washed | 1700 – 1750 MASL


This varietal of coffee is a natural mutation of the Coffee Arabigo, grown in Pitalito Huila. Cherries are strictly picked with the same level of ripeness, exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 30 hours and dried in parabolic beds to ideal moisture content. The microlot is 10% Red Bourbon, named after an island off the coast of Madagascar.


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