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Bright Roast

Dario Jurado Washed
Waghi Valley Washed
Colombia | Finca El Guamo
Dario Jurado is known for two things: football (the round ball) and coffee! His family-run farm is 3.5 hectares. The berries are pulped directly after picking then fermented in ceramic tanks for 35 hours, finally, they are dried on raised beds. He’s kicking goals with this one. Smooth chocolate and caramel with a touch of vanilla will win the game! Kigibah estate sits in the stunning Waghi Valley of the Western Highlands surrounded by towering dark blue mountains. The estate is run by Bill Gardner, an Australian born, raised in PNG. As well as processing his coffee grown at Kigibah, Bill engages with other surrounding small-holder producers, and offers transport and technical assistance to those who need it. Piededad Martinez, owner of El Guamo Estate and mother of three is a hardworking, humble and honest person. Her hard work has paid off with this sweet and vibrant coffee from her recent harvest ticking all the boxes. Her kids are big coffee lovers too! They look forward to being part of their grandparents’ legacy and becoming 4th generation Colombia coffee growers.



Coming Soon … COSTA RICA

Lutlala Natural
Fincal Volcan Azul
Fully Washed
Lutlala is fresh on the scene! Its first year has brought us this amazing natural coffee which was collected from 549  small-hold farmers from around the area. It’s the brainchild of Sr. Domingos Sarmento, former Minister of Justice for the Timorese Government who has a passion to expand the coffee sector and help improve the farmers’ livelihoods. Small coffee trees are planted in the highly fertile volcanic soil around Volcan Azul. It’s a humble farm like it was when it was first established. The founders had a dream, ‘To produce the best coffee in the world’.
Now run by Alejo Khale Castro, this dream is still realised. A consistent COE placer, with a passion for conservation, Finca Volcan Azul is dedicated to producing quality!

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