Autumn Single Origins

Indonesia | Sumatra

This unique coffee comes to us from West Sumatra and is produced by a newly formed cooperative. The volcanic soil makes for perfect growing conditions and together with the wet-hulled honey processing method have lead to a distinct character in the cup.

Malawi | Phoka Hills

Phoka hills cooperative is located on the eastern part of Nyika National Park in Malawi. They are committed to producing high-quality coffees and aim to support women in the coffee industry. Thi particular lot of coffee is sourced from 100% female producers. This has transformed females position by allowing them to earn their own income to support their families.

RwandaΒ  | Insovu

Rwanda is one of our favourite origins. The high altitude, volcanic soils and cooler climate allow for more complex flavours to develop. This one comes from the Urengerekawa Co-op which is made up 30 small farms. They work hard to ensure quality through selective picking only the ripe cherries and their efforts show in the cup. This Natural coffee is fruit sweet with notes of chocolate, currants and aniseed.

Bright Roast – Colombia | San Vicente

Produced by smallholder farms in San Vicente, Colombia, this coffee is anything but ordinary. Composed of mixed varietals; caturra, gesha, pink bourbon, castillo, typica & tabi, it jumped right out at us shouting drink me! Its delicious red fruit, peach, orange and sugar cane profile keeps us going back for more.

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