Autumn Single Origins

Guatemala | Antigua SHB Los Valcanos

Named after nearby majestic volcanoes, this coffee is the best produced in the region. The beans thrive on being grown in a volcanic environment. The climate is temperate and the volcanic soil is rich in needed minerals. The deep cocoa and chocolate flavours combined with a fruity twist will keep you coming back for more!

Ethiopia | Yigracheffe GR2 Winter


This coffee comes to us from the Yigracheffe region in South Ethiopia. Dubbed the birth country of coffee, Ethiopian beans are mostly grown in small garden lots and referred to as ‘heirloom’ variety. With light floral notes, brown sugar sweetness and orange acidity, be careful – you might just become addicted.

Nicaragua | El Penon

Blueberry Candy is a small microlot at the La Bastilla Coffee Estate. They are fully independent, using their own resources for every stage of the operation, from seed through to harvest, processing and bagging. Their dedication to quality at every step of the way has resulted in this outstanding, delicious coffee.


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