Achieving a Barista Course Certificate

Get a Certified Barista Course Certificate!

We have all been to many cafes that to be honest, the Baristas need to go back to school, so to speak. There is little understanding about the framework behind the ‘qualification’ of a Barista and what it takes to become a competent barista. Black Market Roasters looks at not only what it takes to become a great barista, but also at what barista Courses are available in Sydney and whether they are worth doing?

I Need a Barista Certificate

Firstly, sorry to let you down, though there is no recognised, industry or other that recognises a barista as a barista. The bodies who have worked hard to get a TAFE recognised course, unfortunately most do not allow for practical knowledge suitable for baristas in the industry. There are parts of barista courses available that are recognised by TAFE as a process for learning basic hospitality skills, though it won’t be until a reputable coffee company or otherwise rallies the regulatory bodies to put in place a recognised framework for the skill and measurement of the skill of a barista.

How do I get a Job as a Barista Then?

It is in our experience in running and working in the industry at the top tier and training many ‘certificate’ holders that a well regarded barista course will shed hours off training time in a cafe. To have a theoretical foundation of which to stack on hours of practice will look very attractive to a potential employer. At Black Market Roasters, our Barista Course in Sydney allows for short theoretical knowledge session, then practical experience on a commercial coffee machine. it is all about confidence and being able to adapt your knowledge to different machines and showing your potential boss that you are a quick learner. After all, a certificate holder, will still be asked to do a trial, so unless you are confident you can pour a love heart and pull a great shot, then there is no real point.

Latte Art Course in Sydney

Due to demand in the Black Market Roasters Barista Course, we have added a Latte Art course to our coffee school product list. Head over to our Latte Art Class to book and learn to get you that barista job!