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Waghi Valley Washed Lutlala Natural Yirgacheffe
Kigibah estate sits in the stunning Waghi Valley of the Western Highlands surrounded by towering dark blue mountains. The estate is run by Bill Gardner, an Australian born, raised in PNG. As well as processing his coffee grown at Kigibah, Bill engages with other surrounding small-holder producers, and offers transport and technical assistance to those who need it. Lutlala is fresh on the scene! Its first year has brought us this amazing natural coffee which was collected from 549 small-hold farmers from around the area. It’s the brainchild of Sr. Domingos Sarmento, former Minister of Justice for the Timorese Government who has a passion to expand the coffee sector and help improve the farmers’ livelihoods. This cracker of a coffee reminds us of a vibrant orange sunset, and cocktail umbrellas, a destination in all our dreams. From the farmed region of Yirgacheffe, you will experience delicious candied citrus, blood orange and red fruit vibes.