Nicaragua Single Origin Release Winter 2020

  NICARAGUA Las Nubes Process: Washed The name Las Nubes comes from the beautiful views that the clouds make around the tops of the mountain and over the rainforest set coffee farms of this region. This coffee comes from a collection of 20 farms in the region and is the perfect sip to get you […]

Burundi Single Origin Release Winter 2020

  BURUNDI Ngoze Nzove Mwumba Washed Elevation: 1631 MASL Process: Washed Variety: Red Bourbon Harvest: March – July The name of this processing station is ‘Nzove’ which originates from the name ‘inzovu’, the Kirundu word for elephant. The fertile coffee plantations were once, in a time long ago, home to a vast number of elephant […]

The state of the cafe industry

The State of the Cafe Industry There are 6,701 cafes right now in Australia, helping to contribute toward $4.4bn in revenue. 35% of cafes are in NSW and 28% in VIC and the industry is in its growth stage. What Does that All Mean? Basically it is saying that the industry as a whole is […]