French Press Beans or Plunger Coffee Beans How to Use

This is one of the most simple, fool proof methods of brewing coffee. Invented in the early 90’s, French press beans or Plunger coffee such as those popularized by Bodum allow the user to extract a full-bodied brew without the use of complex machinery. Whilst the French press beans method is super simple, Black Market […]

Is your cafe about to get Audited?

“My accountant is looking after it, no worries, I won’t get audited”. We hear this time and again, though unfortunately it is naïve to think this. The ATO can at any time ask for more information about your business. Your Accountant will be asking you for some really specific docs that can consume your time […]

EVENT: 30th July Single Origin Tasting

We are opening the Vault and letting you all slurp, suck and quaff some fresh new origins. The Roaster will take you through the Cupping of the new Black Market origins as well as tasting the coffees through a variety of other extraction methods. From Guatemala to Kenya, the different flavours will explained and hopefully […]

LEARN: Honey Processing for Coffee

Ok, so lets clear things up…there is no honey used in the actual processing of this awesome coffee! Honey process coffee is one of three methods of processing used to pre-prepare coffee for roasting and is a popular method in countries where water is scarce. Once the berries are picked they are cleaned and sorted […]