We are finally making coffee in the new warehouse (…….for ourselves at least)

Whilst we are waiting for all our council approvals to come in we’ve started cleaning things up a little around here.  We’ve had the warehouse professionally cleaned to remove all the dust and yuk, and have since started painting the rafters black (they’re looking hot!).  We had some fun on the scissor lift and enjoyed getting stuck into some of the more practical aspects of setting up a new warehouse!  Our good mate Pete also put a lick of paint on the wall next to what will be our QC area and the space as a whole is starting to look a  bit more lively!

Psychedelic 60s theme

You probably aren’t aware that our BMR coffee info cards are inspired by retro surf era, we love the splash of colour that they bring to our otherwise BLACK packaging, and love the visuals it conjures of longboards, beaches and umbrellas.  With this in mind Pete has created a colourful image for our roastery.  This guy will be keeping an eye on our future roast production through his love and smoke filled sunnies ;P  What a chiller!

New Cups

We are stoked to have received the first prototype of our new cups.  Sindy Sin local newtown legend has designed new 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz cups for us.  We’ll be doing a bunch of testing the next few weeks to make sure our ratios are perfect before we put them out! We are on a mission to make all coffees equal. Currently our coffee tastes different when you get it to take away as we serve it in an 8oz cup which is larger than our in-house coffees and we know y’all are big on consistency so we’re upping our game.

Oktoberfest, PROST!

You look a bit strange wearing Lederhosen when you are the only one wearing them!  But when it is you and a friend, there is only fun to be had.  This October we are celebrating our mates, so you can BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE to our Foundation Barista courses.  PROST to good friends and coffee!

Coffees coming in

Daniel is jumping up and down about a PNG that tastes like an Ethiopian.  We’ve also booked a fantastic coffee from Mexico, and a personal favourite of mine from Indonesia.  I love a good Indo coffee!  Takes me back to my whiskey dayz……keep your eyes peeled for some information from Angus when these beauties are on offer.