Opportunities for Cafe Growth

Black Market Roasters looks at what to focus on in the next 5 years in the Australian Café Industry.

 Be Different

The barriers to entry are low in the café industry so it is likely you will experience some heavy competition even if you don’t have any yet. The way to prosper is to focus on you USP or Unique Selling Proposition. Industry analysis suggests that this should be in the form of ethical, health-focused inputs and translating that information to the customer. As an operator, you can charge a premium for these such goods, hence increase profitability.

 Use Technology to Improve Efficiencies

Customers don’t have time anymore. To increase sales, you must employ technology at point of sale as well as app based ordering systems to lock in a customer sale prior to them entering your shop. With a massive proportion of your potential clients surfing the web on their smartphone, any café not involved in this is missing sales. [Contact Black Market Roasters for a few suggestions on which products are hot right now]

 Focus on Quality

It is evident in the Australian Café Industry, that the most successful single shop cafes are the ones with an emphasis on quality products and great customer service. Using a coffee supplier like Black Market Roaster, means you are at the forefront of coffee quality in the world and you can translate this information to your clients. There is so much competition, you want to ensure you are the one with the best coffee in your street, otherwise stats say that you will lose customers to them.

 Keep Those Fixed Costs Down

From the backend, the fixed costs of note are wages and rent, while cost of goods and equipment expenditure are variables that need to be monitored. Use technology to keep your labour expense ratio to around 35% of sales and use a coffee roaster like Black Market Roaster to systemise the coffee making process to ensure you are uber efficient.

There are many opportunities for cafe growth and claiming some of those billions that will be made in the next few years. If you wish to find out more or want help implementing efficiencies, flick us a Wholesale Enquiry and we will get in touch.

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  1. Hi
    I have an existing Desserts and drinks business in Sydney’s west and am looking to incorporate coffee as so many of my customers have been asking for coffee.
    Just wanted to know what your company can do for us in terms of training and equipment. Thanks

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