Yesterday I made some cherry shortbread cookies. I had a recipe but didn’t follow it, rather just eye-balled this, approximated that. They tasted okay (it being about 50% sugar and 50% butter and all), but I didn’t measure the cherries, got a bit overzealous and voila! A gloopy, pink blob of a cookie. Not the […]


At a cafe I worked at a while back, we had a beautiful regular named Pat who, in exchange for our used coffee grounds, would bake us banana bread. She would thank us profusely for our generosity which we graciously accepted. Along with the banana bread. Pat loved her garden and would use the spent […]

The optimal time of day you should be drinking coffee

Can’t seem to shake yourself out of that foggy morning haze until you sip your cup of early morning coffee? Perhaps it’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, or part of your re-energising mid-afternoon routine to kick that 3pm-itis (we feel you). Scientific research has been done to figure […]