Chemex Brew Guide

A chemex is quite frankly, one of the sexiest ways to make coffee! At Black Market Roasters, we explore the variety of ways to extract coffee and below we look at the Chemex, a lovely piece of glass, suited for clarity brewing. Scott takes you through his method for highlighting the origins terroir.

Some Much Clarity

How to Brew a Chemex Coffee

1. Start with your chemex and filter paper. The filter paper we using today is in the shape of a semi-circle and your wanting to fold that in half and half again making a triangle shape, you will have a small piece of extra filter paper at the bottom shape of a quarter circle this folds around the bottom tip

Lay the filter out flat

Fold the filter in Half

Folding the Chemex filter




2. Then you want to place it in the chemex with the single sheet of the four sheets to the back and the 3 sheets on the side of the spout of the chemex.

Note: When making a filter coffee we use a light roast to to hone in on the flavours without tasting the roast. The typical ratio we use for filters is 1:16 which mean 1 gram of coffee to 16mls of water

3. We will be using 13 grams of coffee to 200ml of water.

4. Prepare your weighed amount of coffee and grind just before the water has freshly boiled to 96 degrees. When the water is 92 degrees, pour the boiled water over the filter to wash away any paper taste and warm the glass up. Pour the water out of the chemex and then add your freshly ground coffee at a grind to ensure the entire extraction will be over 2mins, when it’s ready place it on scales and tare it.

5. Once tared start the timer and pre-infuse the coffee for 30 sec with 30mls of water and then start pouring in a slow and steady pace in a circular motion in and out . You’re looking for it to extract in 2mins once done let it cool down to 62 degrees as we find it a great temperature to really taste all the flavours.

How to brew a chemex








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