Coffee Beans and Wine in One Drink?

I’m sure we have all had a couple of coffees a day then headed home for a glass of wine or two to relax. How about saving time and having them at the same time? This is what Black Market Roasters has discovered as it scours the world for fresh roasted coffee online beans news.

Who has Come up with this Coffee Beans and Wine Mix?

A company called Friend Fun Wine []Β has mashed a 6% alcohol aluminium can of wine and coffee. You can choose a red wine/coffee selection, cab sav of course, or a white chardonny and espresso mix. This is interesting because it hasn’t been done before. The market may seem to be small for such a product, though the current market for soda pop and alcohol or alco-pops is growing as producers target younger audiences. The question will be if the product tastes any good and whether the consumers actually want both affects of alcohol and coffee at once. One is a stimulant and the other a depressant. So your body may not react overly positively to the concoction.

Critics will say it is super sweet, and why on earth would you mix these two amazing beverages…others say bring it on! The chardonnay blend has been the most popular in the summer months in the United States as the current market is larger for white wine drinkers.

Though we are not too sure if the coffee bean aficionados will be taking to this anytime soon.

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