Deck your halls and hoppers with SPARKLE blend this festive season. It’s time for our annual Christmas blend, perfect for celebrations, festivities and summer mornings.  You can brew it, gift it or whip up a sneaky cocktail with it.

This year we have broken rank with your traditional rum & raisin and instead concocted a profile of fresh summer red fruits, specifically ones that are perched on the rim of a tall icy cocktail. 

The duo blend is made up of coffees from PNG and Ethiopia. Daniel was blown away with the PNG from Kaw Kaw estate, boasting an amazing zest and sparkle to the cup. Paired with a crowd favourite Ethiopia Guji, this natural coffee showcases flavours of sweet red fruits and floral aromatics. 

Together they hit the dance floor with style and grace, brewing the perfect summer cold brews, filter brews and YES….cocktails! I recommend topping your cocktail up with Sparkle cold brew or bring excitement to your family gathering with a Sparkle Martini for Nanna.

It is available for order now until Christmas, so get in touch and fill your stockings.