Coffee Removes Damaging Liver Enzymes!

As time has passed, we always had the opportunity to find out about more and more benefits that coffee brings to our life. Numerous researchers are finding other benefits of coffee, and recently a new study that was published the Hepathology journal suggests that numerous liver enzymes have causes lots of harm in the last few years, yet somehow coffee can be used to reduce their abnormal level and bring them to normal.

The study has been performed on more than 25000 people over 25 years of age, and some of them drank coffee, while others didn’t. After a day, the researchers started testing their blood for enzymes such as the alkaline phosphatase, aminotransferase and others. These are widely known to cause a lot of liver problems, so researchers wanted to find out if coffee consumption can have a positive effect on lowering their negative effects.

And it did. In fact, those people that consumed three or even more cups of coffee per day had the opportunity to feel even better than the others, not to mention that they had a lower trace of enzymes.

No matter if they consumed decaffeinated coffee or caffeine, the results were the same, which leads to the idea that coffee is great for your liver if you consume it periodically. While it can’t be thought of as the solution to liver diseases, it does seem to have a very positive effect when it comes to protecting our liver from harmful enzymes and substances.

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