Becoming a Barista could be one of the best decisions you make. A great lifestyle job and to learn a new skill. In Australia, our coffee making standards are among the worlds best, so you will need to have some basic skills in tact if you are to look for a Barista Job. Head over to our Coffee School to learn how to get a job.

Sydney Coffee School

Black Market Roasters 3 Hour Barista Course and Coffee School here in Sydney is designed to help aspiring Baristas to get a Job. Or for people just interested in learning how to make coffee at home, this course will help you refine your skills and get the most out of your equipment. Book the next Coffee School to get your FREE Barista Handbook and we will get you on the path to greater coffee knowledge and confidence.

Coffee Training School for Wholesale Clients

All our Wholesale Clients receive a complimentary amount of Barista Course hours to send your staff on to their product and Barista Skills. Our Coffee School can be tailored from the very basic to the Head Barista so you can have time to focus on your business and build your cafe.