Last month we were so stoked to let you know about our compostable packaging, and while it wasn’t the greatest success we want to keep that momentum going! But first I want to ask you, do you compost? I’ve been composting for a few years now, and I am by no means whatsoever, any good. As is the way of many a millennial (as broad and generic that label may be) I move around a bit, living in one house, unit, granny flat, for a few years, then because of whatever circumstance, move on to the next. Often with a short stint at the folks house in between (thanks for doing the laundry, I swear I was just about to do it). Each of these moves comes with a feeling of new beginnings, and without fail, a new veggie patch.

What does fail however, is the veggie patch. I’ve tried so many variations – pots on the balcony, styrofoam tubs on the back porch, I’ve planted sweet potato in the strip of dirt beside the foot path (a success – three sweet potatoes!), inverted tyres with a hydroponic wick system, and currently – an actual veggie patch in the backyard.

Every Autumn, when I realise that the pumpkins aren’t going to realise their full potential and the Italian Passata Fiesta I’ve been planning would only last for half an hour and produce half a small bottle of passata (provided that it was supplemented by a tin of tomatoes), I admit defeat and declare never again! I accept the fate of a brown thumb and forsake this land to be a barren wasteland of thwarted dreams.

Then Spring comes. It’ll be a Sunday morning, enjoying a coffee on the back deck, and think what the hey! I’ll just chuck a bit of compost on, no commitment. A few weeks later, some sprouts emerge. Then some more, and before I know it a luscious green carpet of tomato seedlings have taken over the patch. A sturdier shoot comes up, an avocado plant! The sweet potato vine is re-energised and creeping around all sorts of unidentified sprouts that I can only assume will lead me to be entirely self sufficient, living off the land with an abundance to feed friends and family, turning my backyard into the epicentre of vibrant community spirit.

Such is the magic of compost! It takes last seasons scraps, dead leaves and lost hope, and through time and heat, composes a new lease on life. And improves pH levels, increases soil nutrients, biology science etc. But what a cycle to be a part of! Your morning coffee grounds thrown in the compost, will feed your zucchinis. Coffee fuels you, you fuel the compost, and it will fuel you again!

I can tell you are feeling inspired, excited to stockpile your apple cores and pumpkin seeds into the steaming pit of decay (aka the Dream Tank), so I leave you with some links for your composting journey, whether you’re just embarking, or have been on the road for a while. Though if you’ve done this for a while please send tips  – I need help.

Happy gardening!