Introducing The Olympic Hotel

Who? Ben & Alysha Phillips, The Olympic Hotel

Where? 202 Parker Street, Cootamundra

What? Hotel/Pub

  1. How did you get into managing the hotel?

We wanted a new challenge. We also felt Cootamundra was lacking somewhere you could get good quality coffee, food and alcohol that was also family friendly.

2. You guys offer some great boutique beers. Why choose a boutique beer over a standard one?

We weren’t kidding ourselves, neither of us had any experience at running a pub and to run a normal pub against the six other pubs in the area that were all doing the exact same thing just didn’t make sense. Besidesc craft beer is exciting and delicious!!

3. What are your favourite aspects of working in hospitality? Any stand-out stories from your time managing the hotel?

Working with suppliers and professionals that are passionate about what they do and of course the endless supply of Coffee and Beer! As for stories, we are a pub so we’ve seen plenty of things but none of them should be repeated.

4. What are the highlights of living in a rural community?

A lack of traffic!! We live on the other side of town and I can be at work in 5mins by bike.

5. Your go-to coffee?

At home: Aeropress single origin – loving the Ethiopia at the moment!

At work: Small Double shot flat white or Long Black depending on how the day is panning out.

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