The trend of the home barista

How annoying is it, when you go down to a local cafe, order your coffee and it comes out too hot or tasting too weak? Black Market Roasters analyses the growing trend and quality of making specialty coffee at home and how there are some simple things you can do to make your latte taste BETTER than your local cafe!

Many cafe’s have jumped on the bandwagon advertising they sell the best latte in town, charging an arm and a leg for something they seem not to take much care in making. With the exception of a limited number of specialty coffee bars it is becoming more and more attractive to make coffee for yourself at home.
If you know the right tips, have the correct equipment and most importantly have fresh coffee you can make better espresso than most of the cafe’s out there! When setting up your home cafe there are a few key points to consider ensuring you can make the perfect espresso.

Firstly, there is an age old saying that if you have $500 to spend on your coffee set-up at home, spend $499 on the grinder! While this is a bit extreme, we must all realise the importance of the grinder in the equation. A good grinder will grind the beans up into uniform little particles which allow for even extraction. If you do not have a good grinder, then no matter how good your coffee machine is, you will never be able extract the best out of that bean. There is a solution though; you can get Black Market Roasters to grind it for you as we use a commercial Ditting grinder which is renowned for its uniform particles. While it is better to grind just before you make the coffee, we seal it in an airtight bag, with a one-way valve so it stays fresh for longer.

It is super important you buy freshly roasted coffee, ie coffee that has been roasted within a couple of weeks. There is scientific proof (and you can easily taste the difference) that after a few weeks from roast date, the beautiful aromatics, oils and acids leave the coffee bean at a rapid rate, therefore reducing cup flavour. So get in quick! At Black Market Roasters, we always mark your coffee beans with a roast date, so you can keep track of your specialty coffee freshness.

We would suggest joining a bean subscription at Black Market Roasters or buying small amounts frequently so you can consume the coffee within 1-4 weeks of the roast date. Happy extracting!!

We are Black Market Roasters, a wholesale and retail best coffee bean supplier based in Sydney, but deliver free to Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Brisbane. We freshly roast Arabica single origin coffee beans, perfect for your breville coffee machine and grinder or other coffee maker. We roast many different types of coffee including decaffeinated coffee beans and as mentioned single origins from Colombia, Australia, Brasil plus more. Head over to our coffee beans page to buy a sample pack of freshly roasted coffee.

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