How do they make Decaf Coffee?

No doubt you have heard and even sniggered at the concept of decaffeinated coffee. Let’s find out how they even do it and I even challenge some of you to reconsider your viewpoint.

Here is a few reasons why:

1/ There are some seriously tasty decaf coffee’s out there – just ensure you taste is at a specialty coffee shop and it they treat it just like every other coffee they are using

2/ I personally think decaf coffee drinkers are the most dedicated consumers i know! Think about it, while we drink to get that buzz, they drink just for the flavour and experience.

3/ Numerous studies like that of the University of East London in 2011 have suggested that the buzz you get from caffeine can be merely a placebo effect and hence drinking decaf coffee maybe the smarter choice…

At Black Market Roasters we love pushing the boundaries on what people consider to be normal!