How to get the right milk temperature

How hot should I make the milk?

This is really a question of preference, though there are a couple of guidelines when steaming milk for your latte. At our cafe in Sydney we have realised there is not one milk temperature that satisfies everyone, so we serve all milk at 65 degrees Celsius unless they tell us otherwise. Many customers like it hotter, so we go one stage hotter at 70 degrees.

For everyone at home, we understand you are not going to have a thermometer ready every time, so there is a trick you can learn so you get great temperature milk consistently. Firstly, if it is at all possible, get your hands on a thermometer which will give you a reference point when starting out.

Here goes, when steaming your milk, one hand is holding the jug, the other can be free to clasp the side of the jug. Just place the palm of your hand on the open face of the jug, feeling its warmth. Place your hand on for 3 seconds, then off for 2 seconds, repeating this process. Your milk is approximately ready when you cannot hold your hand on the metal jug for the full 3 seconds as it is too hot. At this point, turn off the steam wand instantly and set the jug aside for at least 20 seconds.

We understand everyone’s palm temperatures will be different, so we recommend using a thermometer for the first time to understand what 65 degrees feels like. Just play with these temperatures and gauge it on the palm of your hand to act as a human thermometer. Oh and please be careful, not to burn yourself!

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