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As Aussies, almost all of us LOVE coffee. Though unfortunately we don’t always get a coffee we love. At Black Market Roasters, we have setup a Barista Academy here in Sydney to help coffee lovers learn the secrets to making amazing coffee at home and work.

The basics of coffee making is a pretty simple process, it gets complicated when humans get involved. Whether you are using a plunger, Italian stove top or an espresso machine, there are some “Laws” that should be followed to make a delicious brew.

We run Barista Courses for Professionals and novices at our roasting warehouse here in Sydney, allowing you to play, experiment and learn from working baristas.

The secret to great coffee

The Secrets of Coffee

  1. Use fresh roasted coffee
  1. Always put a consistent amount of coffee in
  1. Extract for the right amount of time
  1. Think about the flavour while drink and adjust your recipe
Use Fresh Roasted Coffee

After a coffee bean is picked from the tree, dried and sent to Australia, it will be roasted and packaged. The amount of time from when it is roasted and drunk by you is very important. If you can live by the rule that you should drink coffee within a month from its roast date, you will be well on your way to producing an amazing coffee and being a great barista.

Always put a Consistent amount of Coffee in

When making coffee there are quite a few variables to work with. By keeping the dose the consistent, we can eliminate one of the biggest variables. Knowing the amount of the dose is dependent on what method of coffee making you are using. You can always email us to find out what a good guide is. Or you can call on 1300 030 327.

Extract for the right amount of Time

Knowing how long to leave the coffee grounds in contact with water is crucial to its success. It can range from 30 seconds with espresso to 4 minutes with a plunger so know where you sit, by asking your competent barista or getting in contact with us!

Thinking about Flavour

Thinking about flavour in coffee allows you to not only appreciate the hard work you have completed, but also is an important in adjusting your ‘recipe’ of coffee making. Everyone has a personal taste preference for coffee so knowing what to look for in flavour will give you sign-posts for adjustment. For example, if you know you love smooth, sweet coffee as opposed to bright fruit driven acidic coffees, you can choose a lovely Colombian coffee, drink it 20 days from roasting and have a nice short extraction time. It’s not as confusing as it may sound.

If you have any comments or questions, let us know or join us on a Barista Course in our roasting warehouse in Sydney.






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  1. Hi

    I am intrested in doing a Barista course, do you offer that, also how much do you charge, also i like to see how you roast your coffe.



    • Hi Shabaaz, unfortunately we are not an RTO as yet, though are widely recognised in the industry as ofering practical specialty training

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