New Single Origin Coffee – Kenya Gaturiri

Process: Washed

MASL: 1600-1800

Varietal: SL28

 Kenya Gaturiri Coffee

Tasting Notes by Jess from Black Market Roasters

Kenya is always one of my favourites on the cupping table! Specialty coffee’s from this part of Africa have such a unique profile that most of the time they stand apart from the crowd like a flamingo dancing amongst pelicans. In this respect they have become much like the famous Ethiopian coffees that we so much love. As a Wholesale Coffee Suppluer in Sydney, Black Market Roasters sources some of the worlds most vibrant, exotic beans for our cafe client’s.

Gaturiri is a wet processing mill located in the heart on the Nyeri region in the central highlands of Kenya. This coffee conjures up images of purple silk when I slurp on my Chemex brew in the morning. It has a beautiful bright & delicate acidity with notes of strawberry & black current and a super juicy sweetness not unlike a tropical punch.

Whilst this coffee is fantastic for all brew methods if you are a filter fanatic like me then this is my pick from the BMR vault this month.

Grab a bag online and we’ll drop it to you pronto!

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