Our NEW Compostable bags

Whilst our first custom bag run didn’t quite go to plan let’s just say we have learnt some valuable lessons this month when it comes to designing and changing coffee packaging.  We love the look and feel of our new bags! But it comes as a hard blow that they are definitely not perfect.

In our quest to create a bag that is both environmentally friendly and good looking we have created a great looking bag that is tough to fill. It is for this reason, you will only see our amazing new bags hold our Decaf and Single Origin beans. We are now designing MACH2 solution for our retail coffee bags. Watch this space…

Leveling up in the world of Barista Training

We are also excited to share with you that we are in the process of obtaining our RTO (registered training organisation) status.  It is a long and drawn out process, but he have some amazing people working on this project and we are confident that we will get there eventually. When we do, we will be able to deliver certified barista courses and we can’t wait to start rolling them out

Thank You Enmore! We raised $411 towards helping homelessness in our hood

Last month we took part in Cafe Smart and we are proud to have raised $411, by donating $1 from every coffee sold on Friday 16th towards the cause.  Just wanna say thanks to everyone who came in for coffee and chat. You rock!


Ah yeah, nothing like a new coffee T to get you rockin’ through the summer!  Designed by Newtown local artist and legend Sindy Sin, our new ‘Coffee for Earthlings” T’s.  We are going to look hot in these