Rainbow Lattes: Why superfoods?

The cafe scene is abuzz lately with the rising trend of what you may have seen referred to as ‘rainbow lattes’, giving us some vibrant colours in our coffee cups.

Whether you’re an avid follower of the latest health trends or don’t like the taste of coffee, you can delight in these superfood lattes that are being added to cafe menus. We have decided to jump on this delicious bandwagon and stock them all in powder form, which is so easy to mix with milk!

Turmeric (500g)

You may have heard of golden milk, nourishing the body from the inside out. Curcumin is the little magic antioxidant contained in turmeric that gives it its golden glow, and contains strong anti-inflammatory properties. While our body needs a healthy dose of inflammation as a defence against foreign invaders, too much in the body is the root of multiple diseases and autoimmune conditions. Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory for diseases such as arthritis, eczema and inflammatory bowel disease. The spice is also good for our guts and has been shown to aid digestion and ease ailments such as stomach ulcers and abdominal pain associated with digestive disturbances. Mixed in our Turmeric Tonic with ginger, this drink is an immunity boost in a cup.

Beetroot (500g)

Also known as the red velvet latte, this yummy concoction is packed with the hit of nutrients you need. For all you health and fitness nuts, beetroot is a fantastic superfood packed with vitamin C and antioxidants and really, who doesn’t want a drink that’s pink? It’s also great for your liver, so if you find you’ve been having one too many drinks lately it’s the perfect detoxifier.  We mix ours with a few little spices and almond milk – you just can’t beet it.

Matcha (500g)

You’ve probably seen this green latte on many an Instagram feed before. Matcha is a fantastic alternative to coffee for the health conscious. This magic green powder contains heaps of antioxidants for your body, with one cup holding the nutritional equivalent of ten cups of green tea. Don’t worry about losing out on that caffeine hit either! It contains an antioxidant that buddhist monks used to relax and meditate whilst staying alert by promoting the production of alpha waves, which calms you down without making you drowsy. It increased energy and burns calories – need I say any more?

Chaga Mushroom Mix (1KG)

Mushroom latte, you say? Yes indeed. Another fighter of nasty inflammation in the body, chaga mushrooms are also an amazing antioxidant and help to fight disease and conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, liver disease and parasites. This fungus also helps increase your energy levels so is a fantastic coffee-alternative for you to kick-start your day.





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