We are now free of single-use plastics!

Our Thirroul cafe is chuffed to announce that we are now Ocean Friendly certified. We have banned the use of all single-use plastic items, from straws to water bottles, to prevent the amount of plastics entering our ocean and landfill.

As a part of the Plastic Free Wollongong movement, Ocean Friendly is certifying local businesses who have made the switch.

Sustainability is an issue that is constantly addressed in the business scene. Being a business that utilises resources, we wanted to make sure that we reduce our impact as much as possible throughout our operations. Particular areas are more difficult to address than others. However, it only takes a conscious effort and a little reshuffling to make the switch with cafe items.

We have all glass bottles for all of our cold drinks in the fridge. We also use cardboard containers and cutlery for takeaway items, and paper straws. This ensures our throwaway items aren’t as damaging to the environment.

Our very own Green Team meets monthly to address areas where we can make more sustainable choices. One of our goals is to also encourage our South Coast community to be more sustainable. This does provide a challenge. How do you avoid food waste as a cafe? How can we lessen the amount of water we use when we require a certain amount to function as a cafe?

Now that we’ve conquered single-use plastics, we’re turning our eye to these other areas that need addressing. We hope that, if every small business does their bit for the environment, we can create an eco-friendly cafe culture moving forward.

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