Single Origins: February


Barahona Paraiso | Process: Washed | Elevation: 600-700 MASL | Harvest: October to June

All the way from the picture perfect Carribbean comes this fabulously lush coffee.  Barahona lies in the southwest and boasts a unique growing climate, with a year-round rainfall, warm ocean current and gentle winds, which all make for a long growing season.  Grown at a relatively low altitude it has a mild acidity, with notes of stewed fruits and a smooth chocolatey finish.

Coffee was introduced to the Dominican Republic in the 1700’s and has since been welcomed as a principal crop for small-scale farmers.  Having said this, you rarely see coffees from this region around Sydney’s specialty coffee haunts.  Always in search of something unique, I found myself drawn to this coffee.  It is nice to taste coffee from origins that don’t always come across our coffee tables. This coffee reinforces that quality coffee does not have to come from high altitude, and that there are many other factors at play.


Banti Nenka | Process: Natural | Elevation: 1900-2200 MASL

This awesome coffee is a from the Guji region and is grown by smallholder farmers.  It has the fruitiness that we all expect from Guji coffees but at a level of intensity and refinement not often found.  

Processed at the Banti Nenka Mill, the careful monitoring of quality control is reflected in the clean, bright flavours.  It was a stand out on the cupping table and brought back memories of banana, chocolate and strawberry milkshake combos I used to make back in my early teens when I worked as a milkshake maker in my local cafe. Delicious!


Sidamo | Process: Natural | Elevation: 1900-2200 MASL

I don’t think we’ve ever had two Ethiopian coffees run in the same month, but the time has come!  Always a winner,  Sidamo in Ethiopia is famous for producing super fruit-driven coffees with chocolate undertones.  This natural coffee is exactly that!  Full-bodied with a creamy mouthfeel, the cup displays bold aromatics with flavours of plum, chocolate and dark berries.


Blend of Guatemala San Augustin Las Minas Washed & Brazil Serra Doce Pulp Natural

This year we intend to release some duo blends that are designed for the espresso lover who enjoys their coffee a little more full bodied and complex.  And this is the first one!

This duo blend is a dance between a sexy Brazilian and a zesty Guatemalan 😉 The Brazilian offers a deep cacao base with layers of nuts and caramel, whilst the Guatemalan adds a bit of zest and a fruity sparkle.  This makes for a deliciously smooth cup that is bright and balanced, chocolatey and spicy.

I recommend it is used for espresso and enjoyed black or with only a touch of milk.  It will have you captivated on the first sip!


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