Spring/Summer Single Origins

Sip your coffee in the sun with our delicious new single origins!

COLOMBIA Huila Washed | Cashew, milk choc & citrus


Grown in fertile volcanic soil, this Colombian coffee is a perfect representation of the quality that such a large growing region can produce. Processed using the traditional washed method, this coffee was picked ripe and fermented for 24 hours before being dried. The notes of smooth milk chocolate, cashew and sparkling citrus will leave you wanting more.


KENYA Thageini AB Washed | Red apple, blackberry, plum

Sourced from family owned farms located on the southeastern slopes of Aberdares mountain ranges in Nyeri County, Kenya. This coffee is everything you would expect from a fresh harvest Kenyan coffee. Super clean with a juicy-creamy mouthfeel and delicious green apple acidity.


HONDURAS Don Fabio Mogola Washed | Brown sugar, berry, peach

Don Fabio’s farm looks like a botanic garden, with many lines of flowering trees separating each of his coffee lots. The flowers attract many butterflies and the trees help to protect the coffee from the wind. It’s humid and cold on this farm, it helps maintain the moisture in the soil and promotes slow maturation which helps develop complex flavours in the coffee.


Our Bright Roast:

ETHIOPIA Nansebo Areka Natural | 1950 – 2300 MASL

The Areka project is an experimental lot by Project Origin to highlight the best that Ethopian coffees can deliver. Areka has dark fruit focused flavours of red berries, pink and purple fruit, deep florals, cherry, apricot, peach and dried cranberry.


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