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At BMR we love to support local producers whenever possible. We feel there’s no better way to do this than by selling their handcrafted wares in store @ BMR Enmore. We all love raw honey, so Save Our Bees was a natural additional to our retail shelf. This month we sat down with Emmanuel from Save Our Bees to share his story.

“One in every three bites we eat are from foods that need to be pollinated by insects.”

Save Our Bees is a local initiative and business setup to help bees in our neighbourhood. You can buy their honey in our Enmore shop and most of it is produced by bees just down the road in Earlwood!

Sydney bees

What made you first look at keeping bees as a hobby?

I had a veggie patch and nothing was pollinating so I bought my first hive into my garden. Then I added another and before I knew it I had 6 hives and a bustling veggie patch!

Tell us a little about Save our bees?

The aim is to bring bees back into the city and back into suburban backyards. The bees actually have a really wide variety of food sources in city areas.

Why are Honey Bee’s so important?

One in every three bites we eat are from foods that need to be pollinated by insects. Honey bees are responsible for the majority of that. As well as countless flowering plants that we don’t harvest food from also require honey bee pollination.

Local Honey Bees

What can we do to help?

There’s a few really simple things we can all do;

  • Plant bee friendly plants
  • Stop using pesticides
  • Create a native garden
  • Buy local raw honey & bee products
Do you have a Favourite honey fact?

On average our 400 gram jar of honey needs 1050 honey bees to travel close to 180,000 kilometres visiting over 4.1 million flowers!

BEST honey tip?

If you have any candied honey you can easily re-liquefy the jars by gently warming the jar. Raw honey is one of the few foods on the planet that doesn’t have an expiration date.

Emmanuel also works in film production and photography and has received a government grant to produce a film on bees in our community. You can follow him @saveourbees or online at and

Local Sydney Honey

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