Summer Singles

We’re starting off the new year with some damn good coffees!

Papua New Guinea | Amakai Honey Natural

From the volcanic soil at foothills of he Kubor Range in Papua New Guinea comes this hand-picked and sun-dried coffee using only the ripest cherries. This coffee combines the best of juicy, sweet, citrus and complex dark chocolate flavours.



Indonesia | Dolok Sangul Wet Hulled

This unique and outstanding coffee is produced in the highland plateau of Onang Ganjang by small-holding farmers and sets a standard for top-end Indonesian coffee. Fermented for 12 hours and left to rest for 30 days, this bittersweet coffee has flavour notes of sweet berries, citrus and ruby grapefruits and will definitely stand out on the table!



Colombia | Diofanor Ruiz Washed

Produced in a 100% castillo microlot, the cherries from the Diofanor Ruiz farm are picked following a strict ripeness criteria. Exposed to a double fermentation before and after being pulped and dried on mechanical driers, this coffee reminds us of orange cake, molasses, vanilla and honey.



Our Bright Roast

Colombia | Gonzalo Uribe Washed

Produced in volcanic ash soil on farm Puerto Bello, this coffee comes to us from a microlot that follows a strict ripeness criteria. The coffee is exposed to an aerobic fermentation for 20 hours after being pulped and then dried in concrete patios to ideal moisture content. Enjoy the light, sparkling flavours of vanilla, green spices, cocoa and caramel.


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