WHAT’S JESS DRINKING THIS MONTH? My pick for this month is a special coffee from Honduras.  As an espresso it is bright and vibrant! Imagine a wicker basket overflowing with cherries, flowers, orange, peach, strawberries and lime and your on your way to imagining how it feels to drink this coffee.   Whilst roasted for […]


THE EXCITING FUTURE OF YOUR LOCAL There aren’t many times in our life that we know, as it’s happening, that everything is changing, will change, and the long term effects are unknown. This is most definitely one of those. It’s a time you know the generations to come will learn about in history, political studies, […]

Everything you know about taste is wrong!

EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT TASTE IS WRONG Just kidding. You probably know quite a bit, but the title ‘Making Sense of Coffee’ wasn’t working. I’m not a dad and have no place making puns like that.   I’m currently reading Bill Bryson’s ‘The Body’. It dives into the pop science of all our bits and pieces, […]

Black Market Single Origins

  PNG TIMOR LESTE Bright Roast Waghi Valley Washed Lutlala Natural Yirgacheffe Kigibah estate sits in the stunning Waghi Valley of the Western Highlands surrounded by towering dark blue mountains. The estate is run by Bill Gardner, an Australian born, raised in PNG. As well as processing his coffee grown at Kigibah, Bill engages with […]