Fresh green coffee beans

What is Fresh Coffee?

You’ve seen the A-frames, you’ve been lured by the petrol station claim “Freshly Ground Coffee”. What is fresh coffee and why does it matter? The Basic Coffee Process Let’s first start with how coffee gets to us… Coffee is grown on a tree It is picked, dried and sent often across the world [Green bean […]

Coffee from Kenya is bright and crisp

New Single Origin Coffee – Kenya Gaturiri

Process: Washed MASL: 1600-1800 Varietal: SL28   Tasting Notes by Jess from Black Market Roasters Kenya is always one of my favourites on the cupping table! Specialty coffee’s from this part of Africa have such a unique profile that most of the time they stand apart from the crowd like a flamingo dancing amongst pelicans. […]

Best Coffee Beans

Where to Buy the Best Coffee Beans in Australia

There are numerous places where you can buy coffee beans on the market, but the quality is always different and it can be quite hard to find the best coffee beans in Australia without a lot of web search. Most of us might get their coffee beans from the local shop because they always know […]

Sunken Coffee Beans

Cold Brew…On Another Level!

Coffee Beans Found at the Bottom of the Ocean! At Black Market Roasters, we talk about fresh roasted coffee, well this is a story about the opposite…though it’s still really cool. Back in WWII, a Romanian Ship named Sulina was sunk by a Soviet Submarine. Divers searching the wreck found a green bottle floating around […]