Honey made locally

Straight from the Honey Pot

At BMR we love to support local producers whenever possible. We feel there’s no better way to do this than by selling their handcrafted wares in store @ BMR Enmore. We all love raw honey, so Save Our Bees was a natural additional to our retail shelf. This month we sat down with Emmanuel from […]

Tasting lime for barista course sydney

We tasted Acids…and it was Awesome!

Thank you everyone for coming to last weeks Acids in Coffee session. Apart from crunching down of tart limes and ripe banana’s we found out how flavour ends up in coffee and how we can use that to describe it. Every month we run a casual discussion and event showcasing what we love about specialty […]

Bringing the best barista courses in sydney

Barista Courses Sydney

If you are a coffee lover and you want to create as well as taste drinks before serving others, then becoming a barista is certainly one of the best moves that you can make in order to advance your career. Being a barista also comes with a wide range of benefits, that attract more and […]

Learn to be a barista

Coffee Drinkers Happier? Coffee School Professionals

What are the benefits of drinking coffee beans? People from all over the world tend to relax with a cup of coffee or tea, depending on their own preferences. The interesting thing is however, that when you do make a comparison between the two, you will see that coffee may have just as much benefit […]