Dessert & Coffee Event Recap

Thank you to everyone who came down last Thursday to our warehouse to eat and drink the flavour bombs! We took everyone through our latest range of single origin coffee served 3 ways, paired with the magical flavour guru Stuart from Miss Lilly’s Kitchen. We paired the following coffees with these desserts: El Salvador [Espresso] […]

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Fair Trade Versus Specialty Coffee

Can you change the coffee world? We think you can. By choosing to buy quality coffee, wine, food and other products off specialists, artisans and sometimes over-obsessive shop owners, you are voting with your wallet. Let’s talk a little about Fair Trade Coffee and how it differs to shopping at a specialty coffee shop. The […]

Valuing a cafe isn't that hard

How do you Value a Cafe?

Valuing a business can sometimes seem like a game of darts and for many, the varying approaches, often confuses everyone involved. As a previous Financial Planner, Director of Black Market Roasters and Founder of Oz Café Exchange, Angus Nicol offers his experiences on a solution to this problem. How do you put a price on […]

Coffee Van or Postman Pat?

We were lucky enough to get to sample the Renault Kangoo for a week, putting it through the rigours of being a Coffee Roasting vehicle. gave us the car and wanted to hear our opinion. Check out the story in the vid below.