The Latest Latte Trends

We thought we had heard it all when mushroom coffee was introduced. That was far from the end of it. We continue to try turn our lattes an array of magical colour combinations and coffee with various dinner foods. Take this as a list of perhaps not-so-hot coffee trends that are floating on our radars.

Broccoli Latte

CSIRO brings us a powder that is made from 100% broccoli and, thus, the broccoli latte is born. Is this actually nutritional?  There is one serve of the green vegetable in every two tablespoons, so it does have some sort of nutritional value. CSIRO also points out that the powder’s use doesn’t have to be limited to coffee. They suggest that it can be used for soup, smoothies or baking. However, at the end of the day, it’s probably easier and more effective to eat a healthy serving of greens with your dinner.

Activated Charcoal Latte

We seem to have an obsession with activating all of our foods – almonds, quinoa, and now charcoal. Activated charcoal is high up there on the list of cleansing and detoxifying foods that can naturally assist you in curing various health-related problems. So what exactly will this aesthetic black + white drink do for you? With proven absorption properties used for things such as filtering tap water, drinking these babies will help absorb toxins from your body. The verdict? There are many foods, drinks and healthy habits you can use to help rid your body of nasties. We’ll add this to the list, but may take a caffeine hit instead.

Unicorn Latte

This is one that was definitely made for the Instagram feed, but that hasn’t stumped its popularity. Even Starbucks has jumped on board with their Unicorn Frappe. Encompassing a bunch of wellness trends and dubbed for it’s pastel colours, the Unicorn Latte was founded by ‘The Plant Alchemy Bar‘ in New York and is made from blue algae. The exact blend is different depending on the cafe. It can contain a number of other wellness ingredients such as ginger and coconut milk. The algae itself contains B12 vitamins and minerals and is an apparent mood booster. Could this be the magic elixir that cures al?  It sounds like it really depends on the other ingredients you choose to mix it with. Ergo, Starbucks’ unicorn frappe topped with cream = maybe not.

Sweet Potato Latte

Pumpkin spice lattes are a thing when it’s Thanksgiving in America. They suit the season, or anyone who just likes pumpkins. Now, apparently, we have a sweet potato latte as we yet again grind our vegetables into a powder and mix them with steamed milk. The jury is out on the health benefits for this one, but we’ll stick to having them for dinner and pass on the milk.

Granted, some superfood lattes that are floating around our cafes are healthy and good coffee alternatives, but our plain ol’ cup of coffee is still sounding pretty good right now.


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