Winter Single Origins

The line-up this month

Colombia | Huila | Washed | Cashew, milk choc & citrus

Grown in fertile volcanic soil, this Colombian coffee is a perfect representation of the quality that such a large growing region can produce. Processed using the traditional washed method, this coffee was picked ripe and fermented for 24 hours before being dried. The notes of smooth milk chocolate, cashew and sparkling citrus will leave you wanting more.

Nicaragua | El Penon | Washed | Sweet, cocoa, pineapple & berry

Blueberry Candy is a small micro-lot at the La Bastilla Coffee Estate. They are fully independent, using their own resources for every stage of the operation from seed, through to harvest, processing and bagging. Their dedication to quality at every step of the way has resulted in this outstanding, delicious coffee.


Tanzania | Shiwanda Farm | Washed | Choc, caramel, peach & nectarine

This delicious coffee brought to us from Shiwanda Farm in Tanzania is grown at 1409MASL and tastes of rich dark chocolate, caramel, ripe peach and nectarine. Cornel & Georgia Apsom are passionate about quality and have recently invested heavily in some fancy new equipment to improve processing outcomes. This coffee tells us that it is all worth it!



Introducing our new bright roast! A light profile of roast designed for those who like it bright, our new bright roast is perfect for all your filter brews.

Origin: COLOMBIA | Region: Luz Mila | Apricot, fig, 



For the second Bright Roast of many, our in-house Q Grader Jess has selected this amazing Colombian coffee.

Aromatics of citrus and floral, lime-like acidity and silky, delicate mouthfeel. Medium weight with candy sweetness, this unique coffee tastes like orange, white grape, apricot and mandarins.


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